Leda’s Log:

Here, I will answer a few FAQs about Leda’s Log.


What is Leda’s Log, and why did you write it?


Leda’s Log is a behind-the-scenes, slice-of-life look into the Legion of Angels, hosted by Leda Pandora, the Angel of Chaos. Leda is the main character in my Legion of Angels series.

The Leda’s Log chapters are shorter and quite a bit more spontaneous than those in the Legion of Angels novels. I am writing & releasing the entries as I go (about 1x week) rather than releasing a whole book all at once.

So why am I doing this? Well, writing a whole novel can take a while, and I thought people would appreciate regular updates to see what Leda and the gang have been up to.

Leda’s Log also allows me to explore new and different stories and characters in the Legion world. I wouldn’t be able to do this as easily in the main novels without taking a detour from the main story.

Because I’m releasing Leda’s Log bit by bit, I can incorporate community feedback into the story—things like which characters you want to see, what locations you want to explore, etc. This can be a truly fun and interactive experience, so please leave comments on the weekly Leda’s Log entries to let me know what you want!

And since Leda’s gigantic cat Angel features heavily in Leda’s Log, this is a fantastic excuse to post cat pics of my own crazy felines. 😉

Like this…


Will Leda’s Log be released as an ebook?


Short answer: yes.

And here’s the long answer. Honestly, when I first started Leda’s Log, I wasn’t thinking about an ebook release. It was just a fun side project to post between books. However, I’ve gotten so many requests for an ebook release that I really can’t ignore that people want this. 😊

It will just take a few months before I’ve written enough chapters to make this a reality. When I’m ready to release Leda’s Log as an ebook and printed book, I will announce this to my newsletter and also in the News section of my website.

I might even do an “author’s reading” (audiobook).


When does Leda’s Log take place within the Legion of Angels series?


Parts 1-12 of Leda’s Log take place about two years after Phoenix’s Refrain. That places Leda’s Log Parts 1-12 nearly a year before the bonus Legion stories The Lost Workshop, Dark Angel, and The Wand of Witchcraft. The novel Demon’s Mark plays out shortly after those three stories.

As for future Leda’s Logs, I expect they will likely take place between Demon’s Mark and the next Legion of Angels novel, but I can’t say for sure because at the time I’m writing this FAQ, I haven’t written them yet.

Ella hard at work on her computer, writing Leda’s Log. No, wait, that’s just another excuse for a cat photo.

If you have more questions you’d like me to answer about Leda’s Log, please let me know.