I’m very excited to announced that Leda’s Log, the bonus book I’m writing in the Legion of Angels series, now has a cover. And here it is!

Leda's Log

Pretty, right? 🥰

Leda’s Log is the fun side book I started writing earlier this year. I’m posting it chapter by chapter right now on my website. Later this year, it will get the full Legion of Angels treatment, including ebook and print versions. I’ll also do an Author’s Reading audiobook.

The book cover brings even closer to these goals.

Today I posted the 13th chapter. Don’t worry, it’s not unlucky. 😉

I’ve also updated the Leda’s Log page on my website with the new cover.

Here’s the extended art which will be used to create the print verions. I think it really reflects Leda’s sense of chaos. And check out that smirk!

Leda's Log Banner

In related news, I’m pleased to reveal the title and cover of the 12th book in the Legion of Angels series. The title is Gods’ Battleground, and here’s the cover.

Gods' Battleground

Leda definitely looks more serious here, and she will have serious problems to work through in the book. But, as always, she tackles the big problems with a sense of humor.

I’ve also added the Gods’ Battleground page to my website. It’s basically just the cover and title at this point, but I’ll post the blurb (book description) as soon as I write it.

I’m hoping the book will be ready this summer.

And now some BIG Legion of Angels news.

Nowadays, one of my most frequently asked questions is regarding the paperbacks for the last few Legion of Angels books.

And here’s the answer. I’m working on them, and it’s going to be so much bigger than just paperbacks! With the series soon coming to a close, I’ve decided to do Special Edition print versions for the main 12 books PLUS Leda’s Log PLUS the Wicked Witchcraft anthology. That’s 14 books in all!

I’m still working out the specifics, but I’m hoping for special paperbacks AND hardcovers with ribbons, foil details, sprayed edges, new interior art…basically all the pretty stuff! Maybe I’ll even be able to add some new stories and content.

ETA: I totally missed this when I first wrote the post, but I’d also like to offer signed paperbacks and hardcovers since I’ve had requests for that too.

I’d also love to have a printed box around the whole set, but that’s dependent on whether the printing company can make something large enough for 14 books.

At the same time, I will also make the missing standard paperbacks.

This is a pretty big project, so I’ll be running a Kickstarter for the special print editions later this year, likely around October. I still need to work out all the costs and logistics with the artists, suppliers, and so on. I’ll post updates here on my blog and to my newsletter.

I’m very exicted about this, and I hope you are too. As always, I’m very grateful to my amazing, supportive fans for your words of encouragement and kindness, and I hope you will follow me along this journey to give Leda and the gang the full luxury treatment.

To help me plan, I’d really appreciate if you let me know in the comments below or through my contact form, which scenes and/or characters from the Legion of Angels series that you really want to see in the new interior art. These special editions are for you (ok, and for me too because I love pretty things!), so I want you to have a say in what goes in them.