What is the recommended reading order for all books and stories set in the Legion of Angels universe?


I’m constantly updating this as I write more books and stories.

First, I’ll provide the chronological order for every book and story set in the Legion of Angels universe:

Note: Leda’s Log and Legion of Angels #12 are still being written. Details might change.

If you want to know my reading order recommendation, I’d say it follows the chronological order pretty closely. I’d only make a few changes.

  • I’d start with Vampire’s Kiss. I think the first Legion of Angels book is a good introduction to the story universe.
  • Then I’d suggest reading Twelve Dancing Angels for an introduction to Nyx before she appears at the beginning of Witch’s Cauldron.
  • I wrote the Immortal Legacy series between Legion of Angels Books 8 and 9, so you could read it there.

Deciding on a preferred reading order is a complicated, personal question that depends on whether you want to read one series at a time or every book and story as it plays out in the timeline.