The Knights of Gaia, the first novel in my new Paragons series, will be released on June 7th. That’s just five weeks away! You can already pre-order the e-book from (in alphabetical order) Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more. I’ve posted all of the pre-order store links here.

Most of the book (minus the first episode) is set in Sydney! Can you spot the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the right side of the cover, in the background behind Savannah? And the Opera House is also visible in the banner above (which will be used for the print editions).

Speaking of print editions…these will follow after the ebook. Currently, I anticipate a 5×8 paperback (that’s what I’ve done so far for my other books), a trade paperback (probably 6×9), and a hardcover. I still need to tweak designs, proof copies, and get print costs calculated for these, so that’s why print takes longer than the ebook. I’m also working on putting together an audiobook.

Here’s some info on my Paragons series.

Genre: Fantasy (Urban/Paranormal/Contemporary).

Age Recommendation: Adult & Young Adult (teenagers).

Enjoy this series with your teens! I did. In fact, mine helped me revise the books. They are currently 12 and 15 (they were younger when we started working on the series), but every parent has different rules for their kids. Check out the very large sample (lots of chapters!) I’ve posted of the first book to be sure.

Format: The book is divided into six episodes (an episode has about 8 to 10 chapters). In each episode, Savannah tackles a problem or solves a mystery, which together make up the book’s larger story. I decided on an episodic format for the series because it allows people to read in small pieces when they’re busy and binge read when they have more time.

The Knights of Gaia

Paragons: Book 1

Sixteen years ago, a terrible Curse struck the Earth. Humanity is still fighting it today.

Like every teenager, Savannah has lived her whole life dreaming of the day she would become a Knight. She’s spent every waking hour studying, training, performing—anything she could do to convince the Government to put her on that elite list.

But she doesn’t make the cut.

So Savannah comes up with a dangerous plan. If she succeeds, she will have a second shot at becoming a Knight. But if she fails, she’ll be exiled to the Wilderness, the fallen ruins of civilization where cities crumble and the Cursed Ones prey on the weak.

The Knights of Gaia is the first book in the Paragons urban fantasy series, a tale of chivalrous knights, snarky heroes, supernatural drama—and one young woman’s epic journey to defy the naysayers and seize her destiny.

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Book 2, The Tree of Spirits, will be coming later this year. I’m hoping for a summer release. I’ve already written the story. I just need to add some additional scenes that I decided were missing. Also, the cover art is still being made.

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