Demon’s Mark is just a few weeks away, so I thought you guys would enjoy an early preview from the book. Here’s a scene snippet with Leda and Nero.

Demon’s Mark: Snippets 1

Leda and Nero

When I woke up the next morning, Nero was sitting in an armchair beside the bed, watching over me and Sierra.

“Hey.” I stretched the sleep out of my limbs, then sat up. “Did you get any sleep last night?”

“Not really.”

Beside me, Sierra cooed a few notes, then pulled Angel in closer. Our daughter treated the cat like a teddy bear—a very fluffy, very white, very large teddy bear. Angel was the size of a lion and still growing. She was definitely no ordinary house cat.

“How long have you been sitting there?” I asked Nero, scooting to the edge of the bed.

“A while.” His gaze flickered to Sierra, then back to me. “I like watching over my girls while you sleep.”

I allowed my gaze to sweep over his body. “I don’t mind watching you either, handsome.” I leaned in to kiss him.

His hand flashed out, his finger brushing my lips. “Maybe you should brush your teeth first,” he teased me, his eyes twinkling. “You have morning breath.”

“Angels don’t have morning breath. We always smell like roses.” I smirked at him.

“Even the Angel of Chaos?” he asked as I climbed into his lap.

Especially the Angel of Chaos.” I lowered my head to his shoulder, then closed my eyes and listened to the steady, soothing beat of his pulse, popping against his skin.

His chuckles blended with the rhythm of his pulse. “Your hair is chaotic, and you somehow managed to put your shirt on backwards.”

“Really?” I opened my eyes. “Huh. I wonder how that happened.”

“Because you’re you.” He folded his arms around me. “Rose-scented or not, I love you the way you are, Pandora. Every hair that’s out of place.” He kissed my head. “Every piece of misplaced clothing.” His hand brushed across my face, gently tucking my wild hair behind my ear.

Angels smell like roses. Supposedly.

And that’s all for now! Stay tuned for more Demon’s Mark previews and, of course, more entries of Leda’s Log!