This is the third preview snippet from Demon’s Mark. It takes place at the Big Birthday Bash and features Leda, Bella, and some baby angels. If you missed the first two snippets, you can find them here and here.

Demon’s Mark: Snippets 3

Leda and the Angels

Bella gripped my hands, pushing us both down into a deep crouch just in time to avoid a baby angel dive. Sierra zipped past us, beating her wings hard to catch up to Eira and Damon. The three of them were apparently in the middle of an aerial magic battle. I flicked my hand, using a telekinetic spell to whisk away a valuable vase before they flew right through it.

“It looks like you have your hands full as it is, Leda,” Bella commented.

Angel the cat joined the battle. She launched into a high leap, swiping her paws, trying to bat the baby angels out of the air—and, when that failed, she sprouted her own pair of wings and chased them up into the canopy. The little angels screeched in delight, then flew into the hallway, the cat hot on their tails.

I cringed when I heard a resounding crash! from the hall. “Yeah, I guess I do have my hands full. But I’m always here for you, Bella. Besides, these past few years have been super quiet. Even boring. I really miss saving the known universe and all that.”

“Save the universe?” Bella laughed. “You can’t even save your tablecloth.”

The little angels had returned—and set the tablecloth on fire. “Sure, I can.” I scurried to put out the flames. “See?” I held up the rescued tablecloth to show it to her.

“Yes, I see all right.” She pointed out the scorch marks all over the fabric.

I sighed.

“Watch out!” Ronan cut in front of us to snatch his son out of the air before little Damon could dive-bomb into the big punch bowl. “Everything under control, Leda?”

“Yeah, of course.” I grabbed Sierra before she collided with the Lord of the Legion. “Everything is totally under control,” I added with a smile right before Sierra teleported out of my arms.

“You sure you have everything under control?” Bella laughed.

I did a final read of Demon’s Mark this week before uploading the book.

Good news! I expected Demon’s Mark would come out in April, but it’s ready early. The book will release on March 29th, just one week from today.