Wicked Witchcraft

A Legion of Angels Anthology

A collection of tales set in the Legion of Angels universe.

Anthology  ♦  10 Stories

Wicked Witchcraft

Bonus tales set in the Legion of Angels universe:

Twelve Dancing Angels. Every night in Nyx’s dreams, she travels to a beautiful, hellish realm where she is forced to fight for her life.

Wicked Witchcraft. A dark secret is brewing at the New York University of Witchcraft. A story featuring Leda’s sister Bella.

Witch’s Gambit. Never make deals with demons, especially if they’re family. A novella with Bella and Harker.

Dragon Fire. An adventure at Storm Castle, home of the Legion’s Dragons. This story features Ivy and Drake.

The Lost Workshop. Zane seeks out the lost workshop of a famed Immortal magic smith. A story with Leda’s telepathic brother.

Dark Angel. Meet Aerilyn: dark angel, dragon whisperer, thief. A story starring Leda’s cousin Aerilyn.

The Wand of Witchcraft. Family drama with a twist of witchcraft. A story with Bella, Harker, Zane, Aerilyn, and more!

Angel’s Favor. The only thing deadlier than an angel is an angel who knows your name. A story spotlight on Leda’s sister Gin.

Djinn’s Journey. Teleporting isn’t as easy as it looks. This novella features Leda’s sister Tessa.

The Final Artifact. Leda’s foster mother Calli finally gets her own story!

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