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Around 30 novels across 5 different series, as well as numerous extra stories and novellas. And many more books in the works!


Chivalry Isn't Dead. It's the New Normal.
Phoenix's Refrain

Legion of Angels

Level Up Your Magic.


Taste the gods’ Nectar.

The Legion of Angels is literally do-or-die. Either you level up your magic—or you die.

A tale of deities, love, and the infamous Angel of Chaos.

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11 Books (so far):

  1. Vampire’s Kiss
  2. Witch’s Cauldron
  3. Siren’s Song
  4. Dragon’s Storm
  5. Shifter’s Shadow
  6. Psychic’s Spell
  7. Fairy’s Touch
  8. Angel’s Flight
  9. Ghost’s Whisper
  10. Phoenix’s Refrain
  11. Demon’s Mark

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Extra Stories

Twelve Dancing Angels. A tale featuring the First Angel.

Wicked Witchcraft. A story featuring Leda’s sister Bella.

Witch’s Gambit. Bella and Harker dive deeper into the secret of Bella’s parentage.

Dragon Fire. A story with Ivy and Drake.

The Lost Workshop. Zane seeks out the lost workshop of Sunfire, the famed Immortal magic smith, only to discover that demons have found it first.

The Wand of Witchcraft. Bella brings together an unlikely party of heroes to rescue her long-lost mother.

Angel’s Favor. To find her sister, Gin seeks help from a soldier in Heaven’s Army.

Djinn’s Journey. When a teleportation jump goes wrong, Tessa finds herself trapped in a dark and mysterious fortress. She soon learns she’s not alone. There are other prisoners too: gods and demons…and something far older and deadlier.

The Final Artifact. An archangel tasks Calli with finding an object of immense magical power.

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Wicked Witchcraft

Sorcery & Science

Urban Fantasy. Galactic Consequences.


Magic and technology clash in this urban fantasy series set in a vast galaxy of warring empires, long-kept secrets, and a paranormal princess caught in the middle of it all.

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2 Books (so far).

  • Sorcery & Science, a prequel novel (see “Extra Stories” below)
  • Vampires & Vigilantes

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Extra Stories

Sorcery & Science, a prequel novel.

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Vampires & Vigilantes

Dragon Born

Your Daily Dose of Magical Mayhem.

Mercenary Magic
Magic Edge
Spirit Magic

Long ago, the Dragon Born were hailed as the most powerful mages in the world. Today, they are condemned as abominations and have been hunted to near extinction.

Follow the adventures of Sera, Alex, and Naomi in a tale of magic, mercenaries, love, and of course dragons.

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This series is complete at 12 books.

  1. Mercenary Magic
  2. Magic Edge
  3. Magic Games
  4. Magic Nights
  5. Blood Magic
  6. Magic Kingdom
  7. Fairy Magic
  8. Rival Magic
  9. Shadow World (trilogy)
  10. Spirit Magic
  11. Magic Immortal
  12. Shadow Magic

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Extra Stories

Role-Playing Magic, a novella set before the Dragon Born series.

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Angel Fire

Immortal Legacy

Two Angels. One Immortal Love Story.


Before gods and demons, there were the Immortals, powerful beings who ruled the known universe.

This is the story of the legendary (and sometimes notorious) angels Cadence Lightbringer and Damiel Dragonsire.

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This series is complete at 3 books.

  1. Angel Fire
  2. Angel Fury
  3. Angel Fever

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