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Paragons: Table of Contents

Paragons is a crossover YA/Adult urban fantasy series set on an Earth besieged by a terrible Curse. Most of the story plays out in the Fortress, Earth’s largest post-Curse city, a place where humans and supernaturals from all across the Many Realms live.

Note: Geographically, the Fortress is Greater Sydney, where I lived for four years. The world needs more urban fantasy set in Australia! The photos used in the Paragons chapter posts were taken by me.

♣  I’ve posted a large number of sample chapters here from the first book, The Knights of Gaia.

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Book 1: The Knights of Gaia

Savannah comes up with a dangerous plan to join the elite Knights of Gaia. But if she fails, she’ll be exiled to the Wilderness, the fallen ruins of civilization where cities crumble and the Cursed Ones prey on the weak.

Episode 1: The Invisible Stranger

The soldiers of Gaia’s Army arrive in Bayshore for the Choosing. Savannah’s perilous plan sends her deep into the Forbidden Zone, where she teams up with an unexpected ally.


Episode 2: The White Knight

Savannah travels to the Fortress, the largest city in the world, where she encounters the legendary White Knight.


Episode 3: War Games

The Iron Wolf pits the Apprentice Knights against one another in a dangerous game of skill and subterfuge.


Episode 4: The Magic Emporium

A Quest brings the Apprentice Knights to the Magic Emporium, the Fortress’s supernatural shopping district. A Dreamweaver asks Savannah to help her find her sister.


Episode 5: The Tournament of Knights

The highlight of the year is here: the Tournament of Knights, broadcast live from the Killfield Oval!

Episode 6: The Saboteur

A Nymph asks Savannah to uncover the culprit who killed her magic tree. Savannah comes face-to-face with the Invisible Stranger.

Book 2: The Tree of Spirits

Savannah’s life is growing more dangerous every day. Enemy commandos, rogues, thieves. The Iron Wolf. And a mysterious villain plotting to wipe out every single Apprentice on the planet.

Episode 1: Pandemonium in the Park

Savannah’s quest to save a missing Scavenger lands her in the crossfire of several warring factions.

Episode 2: A Metamorphic Mystery

The members of the Many Realms Court begin arriving in the Fortress for the upcoming Summit. Savannah investigates who’s stolen the Metamorphs’ trucks.

Episode 3: The Heist

An eccentric fortune teller tries to sell Savannah an ancient spellbook. Thieves target an invaluable treasure.

Episode 4: The Rebels

The Iron Wolf is on a mission to end the Rebellion—and he’s convinced Savannah is working with the Rebels.

Episode 5: The Unreadable Spellbook

The two sides of Savannah’s life collide. Savannah makes a shocking discovery that will affect the Apprentice Knights.

Episode 6: Fire & Poison

In the explosive final episode, rivals become allies, friends transform into enemies, and the Many Realms will never be the same.

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