Magic Kingdom

Dragon Born Alexandria: Book 3

Mercenary Alex Dering travels to Munich, where a new and mysterious supernatural threat is wreaking havoc on the city.

Series: Dragon Born

Book 6 of 12  ♦  Novel

Magic Kingdom

In the aftermath of the bloodbath in London, mercenary Alex Dering is just trying to get her life back to normal—whatever “normal” is for a mage with a newly-awakened dragon side. Her latest assignment: a job for the Magic Council, the leaders of the supernatural community and the people who sentenced Alex’s kind to death.

Apparently, normal just wasn’t in the cards.

A new and mysterious supernatural threat has arrived in Munich, someone who melts buildings, summons forth armies of the dead, then vanishes without a trace. If Alex can’t catch this rampaging supernatural, tensions between humans and supernaturals might just boil over.

Magic Kingdom is the third book in the Dragon Born Alexandria urban fantasy series.

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