Leda’s Log. A behind-the-scenes, slice-of-life look into the Legion of Angels, hosted by Leda Pandora, the Angel of Chaos.

Warning: may include abnormally-large cats and adorable baby angels.

In this entry, Angel fights monsters as Leda and the gang tackle a magical problem.

Leda’s Log

Part 5: The Shadow Cat

Like Angel, the monster was an abnormally large cat. But it wasn’t white; it was as black as night.

“Hey, shadow cat! Leave my Angel alone!” I shouted at the black monster when it nipped at Angel’s leg, eliciting a howl and a hiss from my cat.

Angel whacked the shadow cat hard in the face, and it started sparkling like an onyx rainbow.

“Those sparkles are disturbingly familiar,” I muttered.

Angel spun around and pounced on an empty patch of air. Except it wasn’t empty at all. A fat turtle suddenly appeared. Angel struck the turtle again, and it started glowing green.

“It appears your duct tape was ineffective,” Nero noted, his voice perfectly level.

“Yeah,” I agreed as Angel revealed another sparkly smoke creature. “The beasts never left. The machine in the lab was just making it so we could see them.”

I shivered at the thought of all the creepy creatures that we still couldn’t see. Angel’s tail was swishing back and forth, sharp and agitated. She could obviously sense the creatures. And like the machine, she could make them visible to the rest of us.

As usual, Nero and I were on the same page. “We need to have Angel reveal the rest of the beasts,” he said. “Then we’ll know exactly what we’re up against.”

Unfortunately, Angel was too busy to help us at the moment. She and the shadow cat were engaged in a rolling, growling, scratching fight for feline supremacy.

“Maybe we should turn on the machine again,” I suggested as Leila and Basanti came to a running-stop beside us. “At least that way, we’ll be able to see the creatures again.”

“I’ll do it,” Leila said, hurrying toward the machine. She frowned. “Leda, did you really have to use so much tape?”

I shrugged. “I wasn’t sure how well it would hold.”

“Too well,” Leila growled, tugging at the tape.

“Here,” Basanti said, cutting through the tape with her knife.

Working together, the two of them quickly got the machine back up and running. There was a rustling noise, like someone crinkling up a piece of paper into a ball, then more smoke animals appeared.

And, oh, boy, there sure were a lot of them. They were all around us.

Which left me with only one option.

“Stop.” Nero caught my wrist. “Before you do something reckless.”

“Such as?”

He considered my question for a moment before he said, “Tying up all those monsters in duct tape.”

His comment made me laugh. That did sound like something that I’d come up with. But I played it cool anyway.

“I would never do anything of the sort,” I said earnestly—or at least half-earnestly. “But I suppose you have a better idea?”


“I’m all ears, General Smexy.”

I never got to hear Nero’s brilliant idea. His words were cut off by a loud, shattering noise. And then a woman with a stylish high ponytail as black as her leather armor crashed through the window, gliding in on bright white wings.

At first, I thought it was Nyx, here to save our bacon, but her face was all wrong—at least what I could see of her face through her eye mask. And, come to think of it, Nyx didn’t wear masks when she went into battle. As far as I knew, no one at the Legion did.

The mystery woman pulled her arms apart, and a bow suddenly appeared in them. It glowed bright and golden, as though she’d woven the weapon out of pure light. She turned and shot, turned and shot, unleashing her glowing arrows on the smoke animals. Her movements were sharp, calculated, efficient. She moved so fast that my eyes could barely keep up. Her aim was picture-perfect. Within seconds, she’d hit them all.

She didn’t hurt the animals, though. Each time an arrow met its mark, it dissolved into a visual spectacle of light and sound, like little mini magical fireworks. One by one, each animal sat down, suddenly totally calm and docile.

“Pretty!” Sierra exclaimed, clapping her hands. “More!”

“Who is that woman?” I asked Nero. “An angel?”

He watched her closely, analyzing her every move. “No.”

“A god?” I wondered.

“No,” he said. “I think she is something else entirely.”

“Oh, you’re definitely right about that,” the woman declared, coming toward us with powerful, dynamic strides. “Greetings. I’m Cupid. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

To be continued…

High-speed cat chase. Things don’t always work out as planned.

Who is the mysterious Cupid? Where did all those monsters come from? Check back next week for another entry in Leda’s Log!