Leda’s Log. A behind-the-scenes, slice-of-life look into the Legion of Angels, hosted by Leda Pandora, the Angel of Chaos.

Warning: may include abnormally-large cats and adorable baby angels.

In this entry, Leda, Nero, and the gang have a Valentine’s Day dinner.

Leda’s Log

Part 4: Valentine’s Day

Unfortunately, Nero was literally talking about dinner. I wouldn’t have minded a little one-on-one private snuggle time with my husband, but I guess it was just as well. We had to keep an eye on Sierra. After all the excitement, our daughter was totally wound up. She was running around the dining hall, chasing after Angel. Every so often, they crashed into something. They hadn’t set anything on fire—yet—but it was only a matter of time. Baby angels were a real handful, especially when duckies and desserts entered into the equation.

“Where did she get that cookie?” I asked Nero.

He shrugged, but Basanti said, “I gave it to her.”

“Why?” I asked her.

“Because she likes chocolate-chip cookies.”

“Yes, but why?” I gasped. “Cookies make Sierra totally crazy.”

Basanti snorted. “She gets that from you, Leda.”

“Cookies do not make me crazy.”

“Uh, didn’t you once stab your fork through Harker’s hand because he stole your cookie?”

“First of all, that was cake, not a cookie. And secondly, well, there were extenuating circumstances.”

“Yeah, I remember,” Basanti chuckled. “Your daughter is the result of those extenuating circumstances.”

I blushed.

“And our daughters too,” Leila said, sitting down next to Basanti.

Leila Starborn was a model angel. Her dinner tray was filled with healthy, sensible things like broccoli and cauliflower. I’d skipped right over those in favor of ice cream and banana bread.

“Where are Iris and Selene anyway?” I asked.

“They’re with the babysitter,” Leila replied.

“We thought that would be safer as long as you’re around, Leda,” Basanti added, smirking at me.

“She’s kidding, of course,” Leila said quickly. “The girls would love a playdate with Sierra.”

“Just let me procure some fireproof clothing for them first,” said Basanti.

I sighed. Sierra really loved to set things on fire. I hoped it was just a phase that she’d outgrow.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the infamous Leda Pandora herself!” Ivy proclaimed, sitting down opposite me.

I grinned at my friend. “Actually, I prefer the term famous.”

“Famous and fabulous.” Ivy flicked her long, red hair off her shoulder.

“You forgot ferocious,” I told her.

“No one doubts your ferocity, Leda.” Drake sat down at the table. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Ivy,” he declared, setting a black-and-white box in front of her.

Eyes twinkling, Ivy lifted the lid. The box contained a magnificent assortment of fancy chocolates, decorated with sparkles, sprinkles, and swirls.

“Hey.” I gently nudged Nero with my elbow. “You forgot Valentine’s Day.”

“No. I did not.” His brow twitched. “I have something far more adventurous than chocolate in mind.”

His words made me very, very curious.

“Choco!” Sierra squeaked. “Gotcha!” She hopped up and grabbed Ivy’s box of chocolates. Then she ran off, trailing giggles and squeals.

As she left, Angel returned. And she came bearing gifts.

“Wow, thanks. You shouldn’t have,” I said as my cat dropped a dead rat at my feet. “Really.”

When it came to presents, I vastly preferred chocolate to dead rats. Where had Angel even found a rat? The Legion had strict anti-pest measures in place at all of its facilities.

“Say, Leila, you don’t happen to have a pest problem at your castle, do you?” I asked her.

“No. Of course not.”

The rat chose that moment to scurry out of the hall. Apparently, it wasn’t dead after all. Angel took off after the rat, and Sierra took off after Angel. A moment later, lots of crashing noises echoed down the hall. Totally in sync, Nero and I jumped out of our seats and rushed toward those noises.

We found Sierra in the magic lab, standing beside the duct-taped machine.

“Kitty,” she cooed with big, green eyes.

I followed her gaze to Angel. But Angel wasn’t alone. She was currently battling it out against a big, black monster.

To be continued…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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