Ok, so I’ve done it! Gods’ Battleground (Legion of Angels: Book 12) is finished. Whew!

Gods’ Battleground will release on the 1st of July, but you can already pre-order it now if you want Amazon to send you the e-book first thing Monday morning.

From what I remember, they typically send out pre-ordered e-books just after midnight on release date (for your timezone).

Since this book comes out on a Monday, I’ll be sending out a newsletter on Monday next week instead of the usual Friday. In Monday’s newsletter, I’ll also include the download links to the free (for now) bonus stories set between Books 11 and 12. So if you haven’t yet read Gin’s story (Angel’s Favor), Tessa’s story (Djinn’s Journey), and Calli’s story (The Final Artifact), keep an eye out for those links in my Monday newsletter.

Gods’ Battleground

Pre-order from all Amazon stores, including Amazon.com, Amazon UK, Amazon Australia, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany, and Amazon France.

Cover and blurb below. 😊

Gods' Battleground

The final battle for the fate of the universe is about to begin.

Leda Pandora joined the Legion of Angels to level up her magic and gain the powers she needed to save her brother. Five years later, she’s gearing up to save her family one more time.

Leda’s sister Bella has fallen victim to a powerful curse that’s robbed her of her free will and transformed her into a deity-killing weapon. To save her sister, Leda journeys into the Veil, an ancient, long-forgotten territory now ruled by warlords and pirates.

But what begins as a hunt for the cure to Bella’s curse soon unearths a consortium of old enemies that refuse to stay buried—and escalates into a battle for the fate of the whole universe.

Gods’ Battleground is the twelfth book in the Legion of Angels series.

Leda’s Log

More Leda’s Log coming soon! The next story in Leda’s Log is set after Gods’ Battleground, so once the book is out, I will start posting chapters again.