Ella’s Weekly Update

Saturday, January 27, 2o24

I hope you enjoyed The Lost Workshop, last week’s Legion of Angels story, featuring Leda’s brother Zane. It’s free for my newsletter subscribers.

Next Friday, my newsletter will include the link to Dark Angel, the next story in the countdown to Demon’s Mark (Legion of Angels: Book 11).

Leda’s Log

Go behind the scenes at the Legion of Angels with Leda’s Log, short stories featuring the Angel of Chaos!

Here’s a preview of the first story…

One of the perks of being the Angel of Chaos is that no one asks any questions when the big stack of paperwork you were supposed to have read and signed by the end of the day spontaneously catches on fire. But I swear it wasn’t my fault.

At least not this time…

New Chapters of Paragons

I posted two new chapters of my web serial Paragons on my website today: 1.1.7 & 1.1.8. This concludes “The Invisible Stranger”, the first episode of the season. Episode 2 kicks off next Friday.

Paragons is an urban fantasy tale of chivalrous knights, snarky heroes, court drama—and one forsaken girl’s epic journey to defy the naysayers and seize her destiny.

Every Friday, I’ll add new chapters, which you can read for free on my website.

New & Upcoming Releases

Dark Angel, a Legion of Angels bonus story, coming next Friday!

Demon’s Mark, the next Legion of Angels novel, is written and ready for an April release.

Divination & Deceit, the next Sorcery & Science novel, is written. I’m just waiting on the cover, then I’ll create a book page for it on my site.

Paragons, the web serial. New chapters posted weekly on my website.

There will also be many more Legion of Angels stories, both leading up to and coming after Demon’s Mark. You can catch a sneak peek of them here.