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This is the current list of bonus stories, free and exclusive for my newsletter subscribers.

Note: offerings may change with time.

Legion of Angels Universe

Twelve Dancing Angels. Every night in Nyx’s dreams, she travels to a beautiful, hellish realm where she is forced to fight for her life against vampires, witches, and other supernaturals. She soon realizes some nightmares are real—and that there is nothing more dangerous than her forgotten past. A novella set before the Legion of Angels series. Read this story.

Wicked Witchcraft. A dark secret is brewing at the New York University of Witchcraft. A story that takes place between Books 5 and 6 of Legion of Angels and features Leda’s sister Bella. Read this story.

Witch’s Gambit. A novella that takes place shortly before Book 9 of Legion of Angels. In it, Bella and Harker dive deeper into the secret of Bella’s parentage. Read this story.

Dragon Fire. Join Ivy and Drake for an adventure at Storm Castle! This story takes place during Book 9 of Legion of Angels. Best read after Book 9. Read this story.

The Lost Workshop. Zane seeks out the lost workshop of Sunfire, the famed Immortal magic smith, only to discover that demons have found it first. A story set between Books 10 and 11. Read this story.

Dark Angel. Meet Aerilyn: dark angel, dragon whisperer, thief. She’s just minding her business, chilling out in her evil fortress, when trouble comes bursting through her door. A story set between Books 10 and 11. Read this story.

The Wand of Witchcraft. Family drama with a twist of witchcraft. Bella brings together an unlikely party of heroes to rescue her long-lost mother. A story set between Books 10 and 11. Read this story.

Angel’s Favor. The only thing deadlier than an angel is an angel who knows your name. To find her sister, Gin seeks help from a soldier in Heaven’s Army. A story set between Books 11 and 12. Read this story.

Djinn’s Journey. Teleporting isn’t as easy as it looks. When a teleportation jump goes wrong, Tessa finds herself trapped in a dark and mysterious fortress. She soon learns she’s not alone. There are other prisoners too: gods and demons…and something far older and deadlier. A novella set between Books 11 and 12. Read this story.

The Final Artifact. Leda’s foster mother Calli finally gets her own story! An archangel tasks Calli with finding an object of immense magical power. Easy, right? Not so fast! Calli isn’t the only one after the artifact. The demons are too. A novella set between Books 11 and 12. Read this story.

Dragon Born Universe

Role-Playing Magic (novella). A new virtual game has taken the world by storm. But dangerous secrets lie beneath the surface. A novella set before the Dragon Born series, featuring Sera, Kai, Alex, and the commandos! Read this story.

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