I don’t have a book banner to go along with this story, so have a bouquet of roses instead. 🌹

I have some weekend reading for you! Today I’m releasing The Final Artifact, which is Calli’s story. This is the third of three tales set between Demon’s Mark and Gods’ Battleground (Legion of Angels Books 11 & 12).

A lot of people have been asking for Calli’s story, so hopefully this news is good news. 🎉

I’ll be sending out this bonus story to my newsletter later today, so if you’re subscribed, keep an eye out for that. And if you’re not, it’s not too late to read all TEN Legion of Angels bonus stories totally free. The links are in my newsletters.

In a few months, all ten stories (plus more) will be moving into the Wicked Witchcraft anthology, which will be part of the Legion of Angels Kickstarter.

Leda’s Log will continue next week. I need to work on Gods’ Battleground now. 😉